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with friends or your community. The place is koramangala; accessible from every part of Bangalore.

Its a nice place to Hangout by thejeshgnthejeshgn, 16 Aug 2007 05:44

I have been there. They are good. I had taken my team of 50 people.

Paintball at Yuyutsa by thejeshgnthejeshgn, 07 Aug 2007 04:55

In the city. Do you know any other?

This is the best teabar by thejeshgnthejeshgn, 06 Aug 2007 11:51

For a self-acclaimed foodie- the "South-Indies" fare was not so great, however cant say that about the quality of food and ambience. If it is south-indian that you want, then this is the place to be but then dont expect to find all the usual south indian stuff here. Now that was that i didnt like about south indies- they call themselves south indian but dont have - Masala Dosas (and other dishes like our good old dosas)- totally unacceptable for me !!! The dishes are just too high funda and so is the price !!
It was just OK for me- nuthing gr8. I dont have any reason to go there again- unless someone offers a free lunch/dinner there :) !!

Not so good for me... by Simi MathewSimi Mathew, 04 Aug 2007 17:26

Hey Theja its really bad dude…

Remeber u ordered Bisibelebath. and couldnt finish u dint like it.

Bisibelebath — 85 Rs.

I had lunch.Dosa was gud.not even the single curry was gud.

Too much costly.

Lunch — 225 Rs.

Nice ambiance. :-)

but v goto eat food rite???

Re: It was good for me by glsandeepglsandeep, 03 Aug 2007 12:54

I have been twice. Its a nice restaurant. Good to take my clients and friends.

It was good for me by thejeshgnthejeshgn, 02 Aug 2007 05:15

Which is the Best Chinese restaurant. With in the range of Rs 250 for a meal.

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